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One Week Website Build $1899


  • Website will be built in WordPress with a Premium theme (a $259 value)
  • An example of the 5 pages that might be built are:
    • Home Page
    • About Page
    • 3 Services Page
    • Social Media Page or Photo Gallery Page
    • Contact Page
  • Includes one year of premium contact form (which can be renewed for $40 annually) a $59 value
  • Includes email setup for 1 domain related inbox and support for getting setup to your phone and desktop computer
  • Basic SEO including optimization of up to 7 web pages, sending the website out to the search engines, and setup with Google Analytics

Ongoing Cost: Monthly Cost $15/hosting
Ongoing Cost: Domain Renewal (about $10-$15/year)
Possible Ongoing Cost: Annual payments/ renewals for any premium plugins used during development

Special Price: $1799 if engaging with Emilie & Lane for an hour of Social Media Consultation or $1699 in engaging with Emilie & Lane for 3 months of Social Media Engagement

  • Client will prepay for 50% website build and sign contract with 50% due at the end of the launch week prior to the website going “live”
  • Client will have access to Websites503 Icon library to choose any animated GIFs or SVG icons for use in their project.
  • Client will have a one hour meeting the week prior to the website build and a handoff meeting to go over the website on the day of launch.
  • Client will provide all content for website build in the week prior to date of website build.
  • Client will have up to 3 hours of revision time and must be available the day prior to the website launch day to provide revisions.
  • Content will be limited to no more than 5 photographs per page and 1500 words of text per page.
  • Client will provide any additional assets for build including logo, colors, Google Font preferences, or icons.