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Portfolio: Lake Oswego Learning Center

Lake Oswego Learning Center

The client provided the logo, layout, written content, and imagery for the Lake Oswego Learning Center. This website was a bit of a quick build with a custom admission application that has some conditional logic to it. If you are looking for a quick build WordPress website for your organization, business or group, please contact Websites503.

Approximate Time Investment: 8-10 Hours


Petersen Publications

This website was created from pieces of an outdated HTML website as well as graphics and photos provided by the clients. Brand new e-commerce was built for online books sales which produced orders in the first week of launch. The Petersen Publications website also features some custom functionality requested by the clients who were tired of managing Newsletter Signups and free email give aways “by hand.” Now the process of requesting materials from Petersen Publications is automated based on the website visitor’s preference for content. This was but one of many upgrades made to the overall functionality of the website.

Approximate Time Investment: 18 Hours

Sally Petersen

This website was a rebuild of an older HTML website. The content of the website and design details needed to be migrated into a WordPress theme and be made mobile friendly. In addition, some updates and edits to the content were provided by the client who was very organized.

Approximate Time Investment: 7 Hours

The Revolution Choir

This website was a pleasure and I will be giving on-going support to the project at a discounted rate in support of the cause and since I am friends with the choir’s founder, Kevin Levy. The Revolution Choir formed in 2017 to spread their message of social justice and equality through performance. The website offers event announcements and audio tracks in addition to song lists, lyrics, and statements on several social issues.

Approximate Time Investment: 10 Hours and Counting!

Brown Gibney Website for Executive Childcare Search

Brown Gibney was looking for quick, key-word optimized website for “Executive search for the childcare industry.” The client sent over the text for the various pages. The client also wanted to choose the photographs and layout for the website so they referred me to a website they liked as asked me to replicate the layout with their chosen images and content. That made the process quick for me as we did not spend a lot of time mulling over the layout options. I directed the client to some free online resources for stock photos and they provided me with the photos they would like on the given webpage. The website was developed and launch in less than 48 hours from the time I was given the website files.

Approximate Time Investment: Less Than 10 Hours

Backs on Burnside

Portland, Oregon’s Backs on Burnside, a well established chiropractic and massage office, was looking for a new website in early 2017. I had an initial consultation with the owner and office manager about the project. After establishing cost, a timeline, and choosing a theme/ framework the project was underway. The client wanted a modern look and feel for their website that included the usual business details such as well-presented location/ contact information, integrated social media (Facebook), and a embedded video. Over the following months, website content and revisions were done interspersed with one-on-one meetings. They have a finished website which they can manage through WordPress. Some SEO was done at the time of launch including the inclusion of Google Analytics, meta title and description tags for all pages, and the set up of a blog.

The website also makes use of the free SSL certificate offered through cPanel and the website is hosted locally in Portland, Oregon by a Certified B Corp.

Approximate Time Investment: 20 Hours

Pat Dooris Media

Portland, Oregon KGW-TV newsman Pat Dooris was looking for a custom website for his solo project as a media consultant. Through an over-the-phone consultation, Pat explained the breadth of his project, budget and timeline. I felt comfortable saying that we could complete a very solid website within his budget and we got to work. Pat provided website content to me via Dropbox. Using his text and images I was able to layout a home page and together we created the other pages based off of his vision for his consulting business services. Where possible I was able to throw in some extras to boost his website performance including a bit of SEO work, a license key to a premium WordPress theme, embedding a RSS Feed from Pat’s work as a newsman, editing photos for best performance across various devices, etc.

As the project wrapped up, Pat and I met for an hour long one-on-one session to explain the ins-and-outs of his website. Pat was well prepared to take over his website. He had lots of good questions related to making changes in the future.

Moving forward it is my hope that Pat Dooris Media will have a website that is a foundation for an outstanding media consultation business. If he wants to add to his custom website he knows there is support for him right here in Portland, Oregon where he can have an one-on-one appointment in-person or online via a screen sharing session.

Approximate Time Investment: 20 Hours

Hailey Verhaalen

Oregon-based country music artist Hailey Verhaalen had some nice visual components to make this project successful and within a tight budget. Her typography, album cover, audio tracks, video, and studio shots were all useful to creating a branded website. The website includes an embedded stream of her upcoming tour dates. The website includes e-commerce where Hailey can sell her CD’s, t-shirts, and other branded swag. The best part of the website is the animated fog over the Girls Night Out album cover on the Audio page. This website is a good example of what can be done quickly if the client is prepared with some professional design content.

Approximate Time Investment: 10 Hours

Whale Shark Research

Utila, Honduras is a destination for diving, tracking, and preserving the native Whale Shark population and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to assist in the design and development of this website. I was a subcontractor on this project so the content was sent to me in Word documents. I had a small budget to purchase the graphics to create the customized header and footer coral reefs that really bring the project to life. The website is mobile friendly and provides educational materials in the form of PDFs, videos, pictures, and researcher biographies.

Approximate Time Investment: ~20 Hours

Kervin Brothers Ornamental Iron

The Kervin Brothers are true artisans and they wanted a website and portfolio that showed off some of their finer projects. This website was a complete overhaul of an existing HTML website that had some out of date features. The development of a new website included overhauling their website layout and editing and classifying an entire image library into a functioning photo gallery.

Approximate Time Investment: 20 Hours