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Client Name: Pat Dooris Media

Portland, Oregon KGW-TV newsman Pat Dooris was looking for a custom website for his solo project as a media consultant. Through an over-the-phone consultation, Pat explained the breadth of his project, budget and timeline. I felt comfortable saying that we could complete a very solid website within his budget and we got to work. Pat provided website content to me via Dropbox. Using his text and images I was able to layout a home page and together we created the other pages based off of his vision for his consulting business services. Where possible I was able to throw in some extras to boost his website performance including a bit of SEO work, a license key to a premium WordPress theme, embedding a RSS Feed from Pat’s work as a newsman, editing photos for best performance across various devices, etc.

As the project wrapped up, Pat and I met for an hour long one-on-one session to explain the ins-and-outs of his website. Pat was well prepared to take over his website. He had lots of good questions related to making changes in the future.

Moving forward it is my hope that Pat Dooris Media will have a website that is a foundation for an outstanding media consultation business. If he wants to add to his custom website he knows there is support for him right here in Portland, Oregon where he can have an one-on-one appointment in-person or online via a screen sharing session.

Approximate Time Investment: 20 Hours

Screenshot of Completed Homepage

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