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Blog Title: Website Search Engine Optimization Tips: #1 Good Content

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You may have heard it said that your business website needs good Search Engine Opitimized content in order for it to be found through organic search. It is true, there is a strong correlation between good website content and good results in Search Engine page placement. Of course, there is no substitute for jumping to the top of the page with Ad Words paid placement but that can require an extensive budget and commitment with a Search Engine Marketing specialist. In lieu of paid placement, the only legitimate way to get to the top of organic search results is the old fashioned way — with hard work. Understanding what Search Engines mean when they ask for Content Rich Material (CRM) is more easily understood by having an understanding of what good website content is. Once you know the “what” and “why” of how the search engines work, you will find that there is little mystery behind moving up in search results. It is empowering to know that improving your website’s place in Search Engine Rankings is in your hands.

Why it is essential to have “good” content for your website

There is a saying in the world of website Search Engine Opitimization, Content is King. All 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) place an emphasis on Content Rich Material. Websites with CRM are rewarded in search result placement. Here are some reasons why:

  • Good website content makes website visitors stay on your website longer. If a search engine is choosing between displaying your business website and a competitor on the top page of their search results it is likely that the website with better content and longer page visits time will be placed at the top of the page. Google rewards business websites with CRM with better Search Engine results.
  • Good website content shows authority on the subject matter. If you a leader in your industry your business website is a great place to show that off. If you can’t think of anything superior or unique to mention about your product, service, or cause then it is probably time to do something about improving your business.
  • Good content shows industry acumen, competence, professionalism. If a business website is skimps on content about their industry user confident in your product or service will likely be wanting. Show off what you know and educate your audience and you will be rewarded by improved Search Engine results.

All search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) want users to continue to use them. They want to serve up the results that will keep searchers coming back for more. If your website has lush and descriptive content search engines will consider your business website to be the better search result than the website without content or expertise.

Choosing the best content for your website

What is good website content? What is not good website content? How can I tell the difference? Before you post any content it is probably best to do some serious vetting to make sure it is appropriate and useful to the consumer.
Some examples of good website content might include but not be limited to:

  • Detailed explanation of your product, service, or cause.
  • Detailed of the business or organization.
  • Good testimonials, especially from those in the industry who may have name recognition and authority.
  • Informative Social Media streams or posts.
  • Links or resources to others in the industry that corroborate your authority.
  • Interactive tools or content that might a consumer compare you to others in your industry.
  • News items that would be relevant to your product, service or cause.
  • Articles or blog posts explaining some specific details of your industry.

Some examples of website content that are to be avoided might include but not be limited to:

  • Too much negative discussion of a competitor — while it is always good to brag up what sets you apart from the rest, a website is probably not the right place for too much negativity because it often causes users to click away.
  • Facebook or other social media streams that include personal views that are very polarizing.
  • Poor user experience; hiding website content so a user spends more time on your website looking for the information they need.
  • Broken links and other features that just don’t work right — if your web form doesn’t work, take it off of the website; if you don’t answer your business phone or return phone calls don’t put your phone number up as a method of contact.

Once you have an idea of what content will be included on your website and what will not it is time to understand some SEO friendly ways of displaying that content.

How to present/ display your business website’s Search Engine Opitimized content

  • BLOG, BLOG, BLOG. Am I doing the blog entry for my health? No.
  • Well defined menu structure allowing a user to get to the content they most want as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Well-layed out pages that allow a user to easily read the content. Make sure you fonts are an appropriate size and well paired. Allow some white space and well aligned paragraphs so content is easier to read.
  • Break things up with compelling and appropriate pictures. Even if you don’t think your industry allows itself very well to visual presentation there are always affordable stock photo and icon pack options available that will keep a website visitor clicking around and engaged.

With good, properly vetted content your website will be on it’s way to improved Search Engine Rankings. Having good Content Rich Material is just a one and done type of project. To stay at the top of Search Engine results you need to be continually editing and adding content to your website. No industry or business stays the same from year to year, neither should your website. Continual event updates, news items, and blog posts are vital to continued SEO success.