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Tier 1: Managed WordPress Website Maintenance and SEO Reports

$34.00 / month and a $60.00 sign-up fee

One time set-up/ enrollment fee ($60)

  • Daily Backups
  • Monthly WordPress Safe Updates (Plugins, Themes, WordPress Version)
  • Security Scans for Malware & Vulnerability & Web Trust Detection
  • Monthly Client Report


WordPress Website Maintenance and Reports

After signing up for this plan you will be contacted via email. We will need to schedule a time for consultation where details such as WordPress login credentials are provided so that we may start the enrollment process and answer any questions.

  • Daily Backups
    Backups that are more than 1 GB have a nominal additional cost. Please contact us for details.
  • Monthly WordPress Safe Updates (Plugins, Themes, WordPress Version)**
    Safe Updates is a term that refers to the practice making a backup before updates are run just in case something fails during the updating process. If this happens, the website will be restored to its backup and notification will be sent to us. If it is a simple matter, we will attempt to resolve it, otherwise we will contact you to let you know there are larger issues at play preventing the updates.
  • Security Scans for Malware, Vulnerability, and Web Trust Detection
  • Monthly Client Report

If any action items are brought to our attention from your reports, we will take the first steps to correcting those issues. If the issue is of a serious nature such that additional consultation, payment, or other options need to be provided, we will contact you regarding those next steps.

*If there is a priority security update, it will be run with a more immediate frequency.